Shop for Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicles in Queens NY!

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Top 3 Reasons to Buy Used BMW Vehicles

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Used BMW Vehicles

When it comes to shopping for a luxury car, buyers may be weary of the high prices. However, when you buy a used luxury car, you don’t lose any of the luxury and you get your choice of vehicle for a lower price. Read below to find out these top 3 reasons to buy used BMW vehicles.  Read the rest of this entry »

How do I check the fluids in my car?

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how to check fluids in your car

How to check fluids in your car

If you own a vehicle, you know how expensive it can be to maintain, which is why we try to give you tips and tricks to help you learn how to do smaller maintenance and upkeep on your own to keep your car in good shape. There are a number of fluids in your car that are important to keep it running smoothly, so we have created a guide to help you learn which fluids to check, how often to check them, and what to look for to determine their health! Check it out! Read the rest of this entry »

How can I prevent car sickness on my next road trip?

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how to prevent car sickness on road trips

How to prevent car sickness

If you are a person that suffers from motion sickness in the car, you know how miserable long road trips can be. While there are different tricks and tips that work for people, we have compiled a list for you to try out to avoid car sickness on your next road trip so that you can enjoy the ride. Check out these tips! Read the rest of this entry »

Check out these Farmers Markets!

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Farmers markets near queens 2017

2017 Farmers Markets near Queens NY

Summer has finally arrived, and many people want to get outside and enjoy the weather! Going to farmers markets is a great way to support local vendors and take some time to enjoy the beautiful weather! Check out these farmers markets near Queens! Read the rest of this entry »

Make your road trips fly by with these car games!

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Road Trip Car Games

Road Trip Car Games

When you are on a road trip, you can make time seem to go much faster by playing car games! Playing car games can keep everyone engaged and entertained (especially kids!) and helps the driver to stay alert. Check out these fun games to play in the car! Read the rest of this entry »

Share the roads safely with bicyclists this summer!

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bike safety tips for drivers

Bike Safety Tips for Motorists

When the weather gets nicer, many people swap their vehicles for bikes to help out the environment or to get some exercise. Sharing the road with bicyclists can be dangerous, so it is important to be vigilant when you are driving to ensure yours and the bicyclists safety! Check out these tips to help you be safe! Read the rest of this entry »

Why should I own an SUV?

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Benefits of owning an SUV

Benefits of owning an SUV

When you are looking to upgrade your vehicle, there are tons of options out there. Over the years, the SUV has become one of the most popular vehicle classes in the auto industry. Nearly every vehicle manufacturer offers an SUV model now, giving you plenty of options when it comes to purchasing a quality SUV. If you are in the market for a newer vehicle, you need to consider these benefits of owning an SUV. Read the rest of this entry »

Ride into spring in style with a clean vehicle!

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spring car cleaning tips

Vehicle Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is officially here, which means that it is time to clean off the grit and grime of winter. Winter is harsh on your vehicle, so it’s important to clean it out and wash it in order to keep it healthy and running well. Here are some tips to help you thoroughly clean your vehicle in time for spring! Read the rest of this entry »

Where can I take my recycling around Queens?

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Recycling Centers around Queens

Recycling Centers near Queens NY

Earth Day and springtime in general may have you thinking twice about the impact you are leaving on the environment. Luckily, there are many places around Queens that you can take your recycled items to. Whether it be automotive parts or fluids you no longer need, lawn waste, plastics, electronics or something else, chances are there is a place that you can bring it to be recycled. Check out these locations around Queens to bring your recycling! Read the rest of this entry »

How can you improve your fuel economy?

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Used car fuel economy tips

Tips to improve fuel economy

If you have an older vehicle, chances are its fuel economy estimates are lower than new cars. Strides have been made in recent years to make cars more efficient, but there are some tips that everyone can follow to help maximize your fuel efficiency. Read the rest of this entry »